Convert compatible images for Microchip

LCD Bitmap Converter for eGUI is an image converter tool, which helps you conveniently convert any images into a Microchip Library bitmap, which can be easily integrated into your Microchip Library based project.

The converted images are fully compatible with Microchip Library in 3 kinds of format: Internal Flash C file (*.c), External Intel Hex file (*.hex) and Binary file (*.bin).

Runs on Microsoft Windows

Released: April 19, 2015

Runs On: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32/64 bit)

Key Features

  • Open images (*.bmp, *.gif, *.png, *.jpg, *.tif, etc).
  • Edit images with tools (Change image size, Rotate, Mirror, etc).
  • Support MLA (Microchip Library for Applications) 4.00, 3.06 and 3.00 versions.
  • Support C30 and C32 Compiler Type.
  • Convert compatible images for Microchip Library:
    • Internal Flash C file (*.c)
    • External Intel Hex file (*.hex)
    • External Binary file (*.bin)

Convert fonts at ease

It is very easy to convert fonts, just need a few steps:

Open Image
Step 1: Open an image

Start the application and open an image(*.bmp, *.gif, *.jpg, *.png, *.tif, etc).

Edit Image
Step 2: Edit the image

Edit the image with the tools if necessary. Here you can Change the image size, Rotate 90 / 180 / 270 degree, Flip vertical or horizontal, etc.

Convert Image
Step 3: Convert to compatible format

The image must be converted to one of the compatible format for Microchip Library.

Convert Settings
Step 4: Convert Settings

Before converting image, click the button to choose: MLA versions (4.00, 3.06 or 3.00), Compiler Type (C30/XC16 or C32/XC32) and Format Type (Internal Flash *.c, Intel Hex *.hex or Binary *.bin).

Export Image
Step 5: Export the image

Click the Convert... button to save the image as: Internal Flash C file (*.c), External Intel Hex file (*.hex) or Binary file (*.bin).

Sample Images

Go to the Sample Images page to see the detailed information.

Or you can directly download the sample image here:


Click the Download button to download LCD Bitmap Converter for Microchip v2.0

LCD Bitmap Converter