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Q: What is the difference between LCD Bitmap Converter for Segger emWin, for Microchip Library and for Freescale eGUI?

A: All the basic features and operations are the same: (1) open an image, (2) edit the image if necessary, (3) settings before convert, (4) convert the image.

But the converted font formats are different:

  • Segger emWin images are GUI_BITMAP structure C file (*.c) and C Stream binary file (*.dta).
  • Microchip Library images are IMAGE_FLASH structure C file (*.c), Intel Hex file (*.hex) and Binary file (*.bin).
  • Freescale eGUI images are D4D_BMP structure C file (*.c) and Binary file (*.d4l or *.d4b).

You should choose the relative edition based on the Graphical Library you are using: Segger emWin, Microchip Library or Freescale eGUI.

Q: Can I directly use the fonts converted by LCD Bitmap Converter?

A: Yes, the converted images are compatible with relative Graphical Library, which can be directly integrated into your relative project.